From writer to mother to designer and back again

For a very long time I thought the only way I could communicate in and about the world around me was through words. I tried to convince the Soviet Ambassador that world peace was the only logical way forward for the world and when that didn’t work I set my heart to capturing the intoxication of a Bukoswki-esque romantic newly wed, young, and oh so deeply conflicted, young woman in poetry. It nearly made it to print in a volume and if you trawl the web it is still there in fragments. But nearly is never good enough when ones idealism reigns. Then came the novella – the one that every one has buried inside. Mine spluttered out on the front porch of our very decrepit University rental and then ALMOST made its ways onto the shelf courtesy of a small independent printer that subsequently (it wasnt my fault) went very very quietly…

I have been told that it is in my nature to want to be heard. For which I will blame the moons. I think there is some truth in that.  My goal is to blog for my business in order to communicate better with my clients.

My learning curves are steep, the online environment is, yes, always changing, and in the past I have kept those things to myself. I do not wish to bore you, so I will tell you this…

…today is the full circle moment in life where I am once again embracing writing for communication. It might be intermittent, it might be rusty, but I will endeavour to use words to share.

I am letting mother, designer and writer out to play…

it could be fun – stay tuned 🙂

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