From writer to mother to designer and back again

For a very long time I thought the only way I could communicate in and about the world around me was through words. I tried to convince the Soviet Ambassador that world peace was the only logical way forward for the world and when that didn’t work I set my heart to capturing the intoxication of a Bukoswki-esque romantic newly …

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Being seen… what are the costs

I have been developing and designing websites for over 10 years now. In the beginning I admit, I thought it was a fairly simple combination of the right URL with the right content keywords, well placed meta and image naming = good search engine optimisation. Take a look at the image – it will show you otherwise! Those who know …

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Narrative gives me heartburn

In the “olden days” I loved to write poetry. I think it is hilarious that once online always online – you can google anything really… this one was published in 1999! Yes the olden days – Narrative gives me heartburn drinking away the beginning of what could have been a thought I let the phone ring out scull down the …

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